• A to Z Soccer Academy
    for boys and girls ages 2-12.


  • Insightful approach to teaching kids soccer.

    Montessori style of play – Similar to that of street soccer!

  • Have fun in groups.


  • certified “e licensed” coach.

    Manuel has coached both boys & girls of the Brazil Stars Club Team.


Always open for business.

Kids can come and play every single day of the week.

Develop creative instincts.

Our classes help build confidence in a casual, pressure free environment that is always fun.

A chance to develop lasting friendships.

Kids come to understand how to work together, share and play fairly.

Welcome to A to Z Soccer Academy.

A to Z Soccer Academy offers a unique, insightful approach to teaching kids soccer. A to Z adopts a Montessori style of play, similar to that of street soccer, where kids learn through experience, problem-solving and active fun.

Classes to take in A to Z Soccer Academy.

Classes are split by age and in some cases, level, and are held at three convenient locations throughout the west side of Los Angeles.

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See what other parents and students
have to say about A to Z.

I love that my mom can drop me off for a pick up game. I get to see old friends with coach and test my skills. Coach is a nice guy. When you do something wrong he doesn’t get mad. He is very encouraging.

Will, age 9

I saw my son grow from being interested in the sport to having a deep love for all things soccer.  Even at a young age, Manny fostered his innate strengths as an athlete to the soccer field.  The confidence he gained from going to just playing around to playing for a score is something that translates to all parts of his life.  We have Manny to thank for all those amazing Saturday’s where we got to see him grow in aptitude and have so much fun.  A to Z is the highlight of all of our week.

Owen and Bobbi S

We love A to Z Soccer Academy!  This academy is special because Coach Manuel combines his talent for and love of soccer with his gift for teaching and relating to kids.  At each practice he is perfectly attuned to the skill and energy levels of each player, as well as the group dynamics present at the time, and uses this information to create the most productive and fun practice for all of the players that day.   Both my 4 year-old son and my 6 six year-old daughter love going to soccer!  Thank you, Manuel!

Rebecca H

Manny has an incredible gift in his ability to communicate with young players. He doesn’t so much coach as he translates and shares his passion for the game to the kids in his academy. In the great South American tradition, he allows the kids to play, experiment and be free with the ball.  He lets each child discover the beautiful game on their own terms and hopefully plant the seed in each of them that will later bloom into a life long love for sport of soccer

Brad C

My son Aidan has been attending A to Z soccer for over a year now and LOVES it! His game has improved greatly and the friendships he’s built with other kids and the coaches are wonderful. Coach Manny is superb with kids of all ages and we have always been extremely happy with his style of teaching. Highly recommend A to Z soccer and so glad we found them…truly a great experience!

Salli M.
Only $150

Starting Price

1 to 7 Days

a week practice

3 Locations

in West LA: Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica