How do kids get better at soccer? By playing every day and getting lots and lots of touches. What I love about Manuel’s academy is that it’s always open for business and if you want, you can go every single day. Both my boys started training with Manuel when they were four years old and are now playing at the club level, while continuing to hone their skills through the academy. There is always a scrimmage or pick up game going on at Manuel’s field, and this is the perfect environment to develop their creative instincts, building confidence in a casual, pressure free environment that is always fun, and the skill level is high.

Although there are some drills, you seldom see kids standing in line. At Manuel’s program its all about the flow and joy of playing soccer. There are lots of small-sided scrimmages, no outs or throw-ins to stop the fun. Soccer has been the most positive, life changing influence on my two very active boys’ lives. Through soccer my boys have developed lasting friendships, have come to understand how to work together but also alone, and found a healthy outlet for aggression and energy. We couldn’t have done it without Manuel and his academy and we cannot recommend it enough. – Penelope W